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Safety Is Our Business

Consulting Services

SAI is pleased to offer consultations for all security that we regularly perform, regardless of whether the client ultimately contracts with us for the services.

The law enforcement sector today faces increasing demands created by the proliferation of modern-day threats at the same time as it grapples with budgetary constraints. The public sector has started reaching out for ways to safeguard its own. Our Consulting Services are intended to help implement strategies to make residential, business, and industrial properties more secure. Our security assessments range from comprehensive proposals for large corporations with complex security needs to targeted plans for specific security issues. We tailor each security plan to the client’s particular needs and available budget.


While we consult on all security issues, the following are currently our most frequently requested consulting services:

Security Training

Strategic Alliance International specializes in security training. We offer a broad array of courses as well as customized curricula tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We have provided advanced and specialized training for security personnel who work within the security industry for nearly 20 years.

We also offer a range of programs for the general workplace that have met with great success, creating a more secure environment for employees and management. Today, workplace violence is a compelling concern for all corporations. Our program in workplace violence – threat assessment, defusing violence, and coping with violence – affords companies the certainty that they have done all they can to maximize safety.

Among the range of law enforcement and security professionals that make up our staff, we have the expertise to design a course or program to cover almost any security needs.

Patrol Services

Strategic Alliance International (SAI) provides security patrol services to various industries and customers; which acts as a visible deterrent helping to reduce theft, vandalism, and ensuring customer safety and peace of mind. Our security patrol officers, whether on foot, bicycle, or roving vehicle, are trained to spot 'out of the ordinary' disturbances, which in many cases will proactively prevent problems before they occur.

Services Provided

Foot Patrol

Bicycle Patrol

Vehicle Patrol

Emergency Response Situations

Coordination-Interface with Local Law Enforcement

Parking Lot Inspection

Fire and Safety Watch Services

First Aid - CPR Services

Alarm Response

Facility Inspection: Access, Gates, Offices, Pools, Fitness, Laundry Room

GPS Tour System, Incident Reporting, Tour Reports, Invoice Backup

Integrated Roving Security Patrol Safety Compliance System:

GPS and Speed Monitoring System Silver Track Sytem

Patrol and visit verification through GPS Guard Tour system

Real Time Reporting and Site Photo capability

Key Markets Served

Office Complexes - Technology Campus

Multi-Family Residential - Gated Communities

Retail Shopping Center's

Public School Systems / University Market


Other Critical Infrastructure and Public Safety Routes

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